William Gholson on Communication

William Gholson is a sales professional who has been an agent of growth for every company he has ever worked for. His successful career in sales of both boat parts and auto parts is a product of something that took decades in the making. Now as the lead salesman for an auto parts distributor in San Antonio, TX, he has seasoned himself in a position that necessitates strong communication skills. His are sharper than ever, and his sales records reflect his rise as a strong businessman and communicator. William Gholson shares his most valued communication skills below.

 Being an Active Listener

Being an active listener is important because it engages whoever you are communicating with and lets them know that you care about what they have to say. Asking questions that relate directly to something they said also lets them know that you are listening to them word-for-word. All of these actions will be returned when it is your chance to speak, as many who saw how much you cared about their thoughts will be more likely to return the favor.

 Communicating Clearly

Whether your communications are vocal or in text, always make sure that they deliver a clear message. Include all necessary details and try to be concise. Extra, unnecessary words and phrases can create a fog for your message where the audience will have trouble interpreting what exactly you want to communicate. Be brief in your delivery and make every word count, and you will be much easier to understand.


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