William Gholson’s Favorite Races

William Gholson is a sales professional who deals with performance auto parts often. He lives out his career interest as a car and racing enthusiast himself. With a lifelong fascination for cars, he has always been a fan of racing events and has always made it a point to at least try to watch these races, if not from the live stadium than at least on his big screen television at home. Below, he shares what some of his most favorite races are; and he gives a little bit of information and each as well as some history as to why they are so significant to him.

Formula One Grand Prix

The Formula One Grand Prix is a multi-national event that involves the racing of F1 cars on designated tracks. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is a circuit of races that take place all over the world, In 2014, there was a Formula 1 Grand Prix race in The United States, Japan, Singapore, Italy, Brazil, The United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Hungary, Great Britain, Austria, Canada, Monaco, Spain, China, Malaysia, Bahrain and Australia.

The Indianapolis 500

The Indianapolis 500 is a race that is held every year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. William Gholson has been a fan of this race for as long as he can remember and has now been to almost a handful of them. He just booked his tickets to go to next year’s event, which will be a milestone for the long-time enthusiast of the race.


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