William Gholson – Celebrating What’s Important

William Gholson lives a fairly uncomplicated life, though he wouldn’t have it any other way. A successful auto parts sales professional with a career he can truly be proud of, Gholson continues to enjoy the simple, yet indispensable pleasures of life, including a solid career, a loving family, his home town of San Antonio and going for a day cruise as captain of his boat.

Below is a list of what truly inspires William Gholson to live life to its fullest.


No, Gholson was never in the Navy, nor was he ever captain of a major fishing vessel. Rather, he simply enjoys the opportunity to stand behind the wheel as his trusted boat carves its path through the Gulf of Mexico, soaking up the sun and pleasant ocean breeze alongside his loved ones.

Home Town

San Antonio is where Gholson was born and raised, and, frankly, he wouldn’t have it any other way. From BBQ and the Alamo to that gold old Texas spirit, San Antonio is the only place William Gholson would ever actually choose to be.


The one element of Gholson’s life that inspires and motivates him the most is his loving family, which consists of a loving wife and two adoring children. Never a day goes by that Gholson doesn’t think about his family, and what adventure they’re going to enjoy next. The father of a teenage boy and a young girl just making her way through elementary school, he takes the most pride, and has the most fun, with the people he cares about the most.


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