William Gholson – An Interest in Watercraft

Friends and family are well-aware of William Gholson’s interest in boating, one that began during his tenure as a boating parts sales professional and that continues to blossom and fuel his passion for the water. As the owner and captain of his own boat, Gholson rarely misses the chance to cruise the ocean with friends and family, continually setting aside time every weekend for yet another jaunt through the water.

It isn’t just boating, however, that drives William Gholson, as he enjoys the chance to hit waves on nearly every type of water bound vessel. Below are some of Gholson’s favorite ways to enjoy the thrill of the deep blue sea.

Jet Skis

Jet Skis truly provide Gholson a sense of freedom and thrill he just can’t get on any other type of vessel. As a machine that pits man directly against the elements, a jet ski provides Gholson an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Though many consider jet skis to be on the more dangerous side of water sports, Gholson has mastered the art, and is hopeful to one day purchase a machine of his own.


Kayaks, as William Gholson knows, are perhaps one of the most versatile types of watercraft, providing the kayaker access to inlets, lakes, rivers and other bodies of water not reachable via boat or jet ski. Gholson enjoys kayaking as a way to enjoy the calm of nature, as well as to fish some of his favorite hidden spots throughout the San Antonio region.


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