William Gholson – Nothing Tops the “500”

William Gholson comes from a family where cars mean everything. As the son of a lifelong mechanic, as well as the younger brother of two competitive racers, Gholson developed an appreciation of high-performance automobiles at a very early age, as well as passion for racing that has yet to let go.

William Gholson’s love of racing has led him to the Indianapolis 500 four times, a race that had always held him in awe throughout much of his childhood. As Gholson remembers, his family would gather around the television every Memorial Day weekend just to catch a glimpse of the greatest racing spectacle on Earth, one that continues to capture his imagination and drive his interest to this day.

Nothing is as thrilling or as magical for William Gholson as the opportunity to sit in the stands on race day, and to watch the incredibly fast open wheel machines whir past the crowd at what is often a staggering 250-300 miles per hour. An automobile and racing enthusiast since childhood, Gholson enjoys nothing more than packing up the family for the 500, which he has shared with his wife and two children, in person, for the last four years in a row.

Gholson is now in anticipation of his family’s fifth Indy 500, a feat he never would have thought possible as an excited little boy perched in front of the family TV set. Making it to Speedway every year has indeed become the family tradition, one that he hopes his children have the opportunity to continue well into the future.


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