Life of a Salesman – A Few Laws of Selling Things

Salesmen and women work in many different ways to sell their customers their products any way they can. There is a huge difference between getting people into your store and making the sale. From the time that customers contact you to when they pay you, as a salesman, you have to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible, so they trust you enough to buy your products. The name of the game is trust and comfort. Here are a few laws you have to employ to consistently sell products to customers:

  • Pretend you’re on a first date with you customer. Ask questions, get to know them, and present yourself as an all-around nice guy or gal. Find out what your customer is looking for. Ask them about their present situation, and see if you can suggest products that will help them solve their problems.
  • Speak to your customers as if they’re a friend or family member. There’s no such thing as “sales talk” anymore. Speak to your customers as if they are your friend so that they immediately get the impression that they can trust you. Using ham-handed persuasion clichés is outdated and insincere.

William Gholson is an auto parts salesman in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked at the same auto parts store for twenty years and loves fixing cars and boats. Gholson has long mastered the art of sales and hopes to continue his work long into the future. Gholson still lives in San Antonio with his wife and two children.