Getting to “Yes” – A Salesman’s Guide

When you’re trying to sell items or services, it’s easy to fall into the “sales mode” trap. “Sales mode” implies that there is a different way of interacting with individuals when you’re trying to get them to buy something than when you’re interacting with them in a friendly, fun setting.

Speak to your customers as if they are your friends and family. Don’t try to use a different tone or a different set of vocabulary based on the fact that they’re in your store trying to buy something from you. Customers can smell a sales pitche and “sales mode” a mile away. They become resistant when they feel they are being sold to. Talk to them in a normal, appropriate manner so that they feel comfortable and understand that you are really trying to help them solve their problem, not sell them products to boost your numbers.

As in any normal interaction outside the shop, you want to pay attention to what the customer isn’t saying and how they’re speaking to you. Many sales people focus solely on their next line in their sales pitch that they forget there’s another person on the other side of the interaction.

William Gholson is an experienced salesman working for an auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked with many people who need help fixing or maintaining their cars. An experienced mechanic in his own right, Gholson has the knowledge to help people in his community find the right part for their needs.