William Gholson’s Tips for Cheaper Boat Owning

It’s no secret that owning a boat can be costly. One mistake often made is that people assume they can simply buy the boat and have their fun, then they feel blindsided by all of the extra costs. While some costs can’t really be avoided, it is good to be aware of a few simple tips to help reduce the overall annual cost of owning a boat. Take it from William Gholson, a long-time boat supply salesman, who knows all too well that many repairs come from not taking the initial time to take care of your boat.

First of all, wash it. You wash your car, clean your house, scrub your body, so wash your boat when you pull it out of the water. Getting all that grime off it can do wonders for your boat. Saltwater is especially corrosive, so spray that outboard off each time you get out.

Second, make sure lines are securely fastened when docking and storing your boat. If docked, throw a few buoys off the side to prevent damage from the dock. Check lines and covers to be sure there is no excess wear.

Lastly, invest in quality products. The upfront cost may be a bit higher, but some things shouldn’t be cheap. Pre-owned boats will always require more maintenance, but when maintained properly, they can be just fine.

There is plenty of good advice and great products out there for preventative maintenance. As long as you invest a little time and aren’t afraid to spend a little more up front, you’ll be on the right track. There will always be issues with a boat, but hopefully you can avoid a few trips to William Gholson’s Marine Supply!



William Gholson – Romantic in San Antonio

William T. Gholson is a man’s man. He owns and works on his boat; he sells boating equipment; he loves NASCAR; his buddies can’t wait for their next fishing weekend. His hands are leathery and calloused, his skin beaten by the sun. But don’t be fooled – he is also very much his woman’s man.

Gholson met his wife of over 30 years on a ghost tour in San Antonio. They both have a deep love of history and their city, so what they consider a romantic night out might not be the same for everyone. They enjoy getting around to the historic missions (of course, the Alamo) even though they have seen them many times over the years. They also frequent the Steves Homestead and the Liberty Bar for historic locations to stay for the night or just a meal. This couple drinks in the rich history of San Antonio as others might the romantic scenes and dining along River Walk.

For those that are more into hiking than history, there are plenty of scenic areas to explore, getting closer to nature and one another. One popular place is the Lost Maples State Natural Area with thousands of acres of beauty to take in.

Of course there is a vast array of shopping, dining, and entertainment, a bit more of a city-centered evening and night life to fuel a romantic getaway. No matter what your tastes as a couple, take it from William Gholson that there is always a way for a little romance with the one you love, and it is important to take the time for it.

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History and Halloween – William Gholson’s Paranormal Pastime

For those that know him, it is no secret that William T. Gholson is extremely passionate about a few specific things: his family, boating, racing, and Halloween. There is something about Halloween that gets him acting like a kid again. It isn’t just the costumes or the tricks and treats; it is the history.

San Antonio has a lot to offer for those with spooky tendencies come fall. There are haunted houses, festivals, themed family events at the botanical gardens and Sea World, shows, and mazes, but a lot of these can be found all over the country. The best area-specific activity is ghost tours.

Though it is a modern city in many ways, San Antonio has deep history – the Alamo is only one well-known part. Ghost tours, however, take you through cemeteries, hotels, hanging trees, and various other locations that have a dark and deadly history in one of the most haunted cities in the country. Some locations are the sites of legends, while others are steeped in historical fact…and uneasy spirits.

Feeling this unique connection to the history of his city, William Gholson got hooked on Halloween and ghost tours at a young age. He wanted to learn as much about his hometown as possible, and this was a visceral, chilling way to do so. Gholson actually met his wife on one of these tours (she was the guide), and they have raised their two daughters to have a curious appreciation for the past. Who says history can only be learned from books?

Source: http://visitsanantonio.com/english/Trip-Ideas/Halloween-Thrills-Chills

William Gholson’s Top 5 Boat Accessory Purchases

As a boating enthusiast and experienced boat supply salesman, William T. Gholson knows what he is talking about when it comes to buying things for your boat. As any boat owner is sure to know – or will soon find out – owning a boat is not cheap. You’ll be investing time and money into that beautiful piece of marine freedom as long as you own it, but you don’t have to just spend that money on upkeep and docking fees. While there are many lists from different boating professionals that include necessary maintenance and safety items, here are five of Gholson’s favorite “fun” purchases for boat owners.

According to the list of top purchases from West Marine stores across the U.S., America already agrees with William Gholson that to maximize a day full of fun with family and friends, you need two things:

Airhead Viper Tube – this thing has a set of two recessed seats and it flies across that water

Magma Cabo Gas Grill – portable, durable, and the stainless steel won’t corrode

For the fishermen on the water, these next two items are a must:

Canyon Cooler’s Ultimate Fishing Station – complete with four rod holders, a drink holder, and an accessory pouch outside; a separate basket and a light inside

Aqua-Vu Underwater Camera Adapter System – go beyond sonar fish finders with this camera to scope out your fishing options

And with so much fun on the water, you may come back a little late and find a use for an LED trailer kit that mounts to the trailer for easier extraction in the dark.

So, if you’re tired of buying PFDs and boat covers, take it from William Gholson and just buy something fun.

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William Gholson – How To Buy Used Auto Parts Smart

William Gholson deals with auto parts in the San Antonio area. As an expert mechanic, he has an eye for good deals involving rare car parts. The story usually goes something like this: someone has a car problem that requires replacing a part in their vehicle, they call a dealership, only to be told a ridiculous price that leaves them gasping.

Some parts carry a 5000% profit margin, which is obviously ridiculous. Now granted that we are talking about rare parts in this example, profit margins in the high hundreds are common place across the board, which means that you could still end up paying five, six or seven times more than the true value of that part.

Do Your Research and Always Verify

Googling prices and dealerships on the Internet is what research looks like these days, and for good reasons. If something is available, somewhere, anywhere, there is a very high probability for you to find it on the Internet. Verification is crucial – always make sure to check the part’s number before completing the purchase.

A Little Bit of Haggling is Okay

Haggle a bit, whenever there is an opportunity, but stay polite throughout the process. Junkyards are usually willing to match the prices of other local businesses. Never lie, however, as they can easily verify that on the Internet.

Be Very Careful About Rare Parts

If you find something online that could be a really rare part, always check it out in person.

William Gholson often buys rare car parts online and in the local auto part dealer communities.




William Gholson on Choosing the Right Tires

William Gholson is a huge car enthusiast who enjoys the process of fixing vehicles. Choosing the right tires for your car is often a very easy procedure. If you bought the car new, that is. In that case, buying the same type of tire it came with is a good enough solution, especially if you were satisfied with their look and general quality. It’s often different when you buy a used car. Those often have tires that are far from perfect, or even very battered, almost begging you to change them.

The Penny Method

To figure out if your tire even needs replacing, take a penny and shove it into different thread grooves across the tire. If the top of Lincoln’s head remains visible, your tires probably need to be replaced. If you only have one problematic tire, you can replace only that one of course, but this may result in the car’s weight not being distributed evenly among the tires.

Check the Car for More Information

If all four tires of your car need to be replaced and you are looking for guidance, check the manual of your vehicle, or the driver side door placard for more information. These will mention the proper tire size for the car.

Buying the Tire

When you arrive at a decision, visit a full-service tire dealer who carries your tire size. It also doesn’t hurt if they represent multiple brands. William Gholson often offers his guidance to his customers in car-related questions, including those that involve tires.

Sources: http://www.bridgestonetire.com/tread-and-trend/drivers-ed/how-to-check-your-tire-tread-penny-test



William Gholson – How To Store Your Car For Winter

As William Gholson often tells his customers, not all cars were created equal, and some of them were simply not built for winter. People often ask him how to store their car properly during the coldest months, and he usually gives them the same advice.

Clean It First

The first phase of the storing process should always be cleaning. If the car is wet and dirty, covering it wouldn’t do any good. A good hand wash and some proper waxing should take care of that problem.

Treat the Unpainted Parts

If there are areas on the car’s body that are no longer covered by paint, make sure to take care of those as well. These spots tend to rust much easier, and since the covers would just lock the moisture inside, that process would speed up even more. First spray these spots with some rubberized undercoating, then finish it up with a protective layer. Make sure that you don’t use any of this stuff near the exhaust, as they are highly flammable.

Use Fuel Stabilization

Most fuels have a shelf life of three months, which means that by the time your car returns from its temporary retirement, your fuel could have already reached the point of no return.

Cover Your Car

If your car can stay inside, preferably in a sheltered environment, a basic cover will do just fine. If, however, you want to store your car outside, you will also need a car jacket that can be zipped around your car, sealing it away from the elements. William Gholson always takes the process of storing his car for the winter very seriously.