William Gholson on the Process of Buying a New Car

As an expert mechanic and successful car parts dealer, William Gholson knows everything there is to know about cars. He often meets with clients who just bought theirs, and sometimes, mere days after the purchase has been completed, there is already something wrong with these vehicles. In the vast majority of these cases, these problems are not coincidental in their nature, but rather a mistake on the buyer’s part. Unfortunately, not every seller will be honest, as some of them will try to hide the true condition of the car. Never assume that a seller is telling you the truth – do your own research.

Level Ground

It is very important that the car is parked on level ground, so that you can easily check its tires. One of the tires or a rim could be faulty, and spotting that on an uneven ground is often much harder. An expert mechanic who does this for a living would likely be able to spot shenanigans like this, but for the untrained eye, they may easily go unnoticed. Regardless of the type of the car, an even ground makes it possible to spot these problems more easily.


The car should have matching tires in a similar condition. Check for signs of feathering. This happens when the tires are not aligned properly. If you see something like that, ask about them. Never be afraid to ask too many questions. It’s important to do so, because if there is an alignment problem, there could be a number of things causing that. The owner of the car likely knows the answer.

Always Check the Paint Job

Checking the paint thoroughly, all over the car, has more to do with functionality than aesthetics. A new paint job can be used to hide rust spots and dents, which could considerably lower the car’s price if discovered. Make sure to thoroughly check the car from all angles and from different distances. You can even take photos, as sometimes it is much easier to spot faulty characteristics on film.

Check the Trunk

The trunk is one of the most important elements of the car. Check for rust, as its presence likely means that water can find its way inside, which is far from ideal.

The Frame Is Extremely Important

As the main supporting structure of a car, the chassis is very important. Its condition can affect a vehicle’s price considerably, making it unusually high or unexpectedly low. The suspension, the panels, and the engine are all attached to the frame, making its quality level a primary concern. Think of it as the foundation of a house.

As an experienced auto salesman and expert mechanic, William Gholson wishes that people were as cautious about their vehicle purchase as they are about buying a house.



Getting to “Yes” – A Salesman’s Guide

When you’re trying to sell items or services, it’s easy to fall into the “sales mode” trap. “Sales mode” implies that there is a different way of interacting with individuals when you’re trying to get them to buy something than when you’re interacting with them in a friendly, fun setting.

Speak to your customers as if they are your friends and family. Don’t try to use a different tone or a different set of vocabulary based on the fact that they’re in your store trying to buy something from you. Customers can smell a sales pitche and “sales mode” a mile away. They become resistant when they feel they are being sold to. Talk to them in a normal, appropriate manner so that they feel comfortable and understand that you are really trying to help them solve their problem, not sell them products to boost your numbers.

As in any normal interaction outside the shop, you want to pay attention to what the customer isn’t saying and how they’re speaking to you. Many sales people focus solely on their next line in their sales pitch that they forget there’s another person on the other side of the interaction.

William Gholson is an experienced salesman working for an auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked with many people who need help fixing or maintaining their cars. An experienced mechanic in his own right, Gholson has the knowledge to help people in his community find the right part for their needs.


How to Make the Sale – Sell With Questions

As a salesman, it’s your job to get your customers the products or services they need in the most convenient and quick manner possible. It’s not your job to convince them that they need your products or services. You may have the salesman skills to convince people to buy things from you or your store, but the vast majority of customers come to you in need of a specific item or items—at the very least, they have a problem they need you to solve for them.

The first step in making the sale is to listen. Obviously, you should introduce yourself and your company and explain the basics of what you can do for the customer, but you want to avoid going on a long pitch about all of your great products and services in the first minute of your sales interaction. Avoid reciting your sales pitch to your customer the moment they walk into the store. What could you possibly tell them that will solve their problems? You don’t even know what they are yet.

The next step is to sell with questions, not answers. Ask your customer plenty of questions so that you can understand what brought them into your store at this particular moment. Ask them questions with no ulterior motives or hidden agenda. Ask questions because you’re curious.

William Gholson has twenty years of experience working in sales. He works for an auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas, and works on his cars in his spare time.


Life of a Salesman – A Few Laws of Selling Things

Salesmen and women work in many different ways to sell their customers their products any way they can. There is a huge difference between getting people into your store and making the sale. From the time that customers contact you to when they pay you, as a salesman, you have to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible, so they trust you enough to buy your products. The name of the game is trust and comfort. Here are a few laws you have to employ to consistently sell products to customers:

  • Pretend you’re on a first date with you customer. Ask questions, get to know them, and present yourself as an all-around nice guy or gal. Find out what your customer is looking for. Ask them about their present situation, and see if you can suggest products that will help them solve their problems.
  • Speak to your customers as if they’re a friend or family member. There’s no such thing as “sales talk” anymore. Speak to your customers as if they are your friend so that they immediately get the impression that they can trust you. Using ham-handed persuasion clichés is outdated and insincere.

William Gholson is an auto parts salesman in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked at the same auto parts store for twenty years and loves fixing cars and boats. Gholson has long mastered the art of sales and hopes to continue his work long into the future. Gholson still lives in San Antonio with his wife and two children.


Basic Car Repair Tasks You Can Do

For many car owners, fixing their vehicle’s awful sound or that clunking sensation seems completely beyond them. But the average car owner could save thousands of dollars a year on car repair bills if they could understand that they can fix many of their car’s problems themselves. Mechanics won’t show you how easily certain tasks are done because they want you to come back for more repairs and to spend more money. Many car owners don’t even know how to open their own car’s hood, much less change the oil or the wiper fluid. Learning these basic skills can save you money in the long run and help you protect your car from further damage.

Changing the oil in your car may sound daunting, but to an experienced car owner or mechanic, this is one of the simpler tasks in basic car maintenance. Start by locating the oil dipstick in the car’s engine. Usually, this will be marked by an oil can icon. If you pull it out and look at the oil level, you will be able to tell if your car needs more or if the oil needs to be changed. If the oil level is below the hashmark on the dipstick, it’s time to add more. Simply get a funnel and pour the new oil into fill hole. Be sure it’s the right oil; the most common is 10W-30, but there are other weights.

William Gholson is an auto parts salesman based in San Antonio, Texas. He has learned the art of car maintenance and restoration and hopes to continue to help people in his community learn more about their cars and find ways to take better care of them.

William Gholson – Devoted to a Professional Sales Career

William Gholson is motivated to achieve a highly successful career as a sales professional within the automobile and boating industries. He has a wealth of experience in both industries due to his interest in both boating and automobiles. He is currently living and operating his own business in his home town of San Antonio, Texas where he grew up as a child. Ever since he can remember, his family has been going boating on the open water of the Gulf of Mexico. It is his favorite place to enjoy his favorite past time, and he continues the tradition with his own wife and children to this day. His experience on the water has helped make him the successful sales professional that he is today, and he has become one of the most trusted sales professional in the boating industry of Texas. William graduated from the prestigious institution known as the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business. The knowledge he gained while and school, paired with the already existing knowledge he had in the boating industry, made him an expert when it came to the professional world of boating. Not only is he considered an expert when it comes to the boating industry, but he has also worked in the auto parts distribution industry for over a decade. His expertise as a salesman has opened the doors to an extensive professional career.

William Gholson is an experienced boater and automotive professional. He has worked in both industries for many years now and has become an expert on the subjects. He has spent his entire life on the ocean and building his knowledge of the boating industry. He has also spent his entire life learning about the automotive industry and the professional racing world of automobiles. William Gholson thoroughly enjoys spending time at the professional race track whether it be a major NASCAR event or the Indy 500. He enjoys spending time with his family both at sea and at the race track when he is not furthering the success of his already immensely successful career as a salesman. In San Antonio, Texas, he is known for providing excellent client focused services while being honest, hard working, and professional.

William Gholson – Boating and Automotive Sales

William Gholson is a highly dedicated and highly motivated sales professional currently working in the realm of automotive and boating industries. He has been working in the industries for decades and continues to be as enthusiastic about his career as he was in his earlier years. He graduated from the prestigious institution known as the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in business and has been working in the realm of sales ever since. He is a proven sales professional with the ability to communicate to any customer no matter their interest or knowledge in a particular field. Not only is he highly knowledgeable regarding the automobile and boating industries, but what he knows, he knows from first hand experience. Being outside and enjoying the open ocean has been an activity that William has enjoyed since he was a young boy growing up in San Antonio, Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. Although he has traveled much of the coasts of the United States of America, and even around the world, he still believes that the Gulf of Mexico is unrivaled as the best ocean to boat in. He thoroughly enjoys spending time on the water with his wife and two children; the inspiration behind his successful career in sales. He ensures customer satisfaction and client focused services to all of his customers no matter their needs.

William Gholson is nothing short of an expert when it comes to the boating and automotive industries. He is dedicated to providing all of his clients with the utmost professional care and services possible in the industry today. In addition to being a boating enthusiast and expert, William Gholson is also an expert in all things automotive. He is a major fan of the Indy 500 races and has attended several through out his lifetime. He is also a fan of NASCAR racing and never misses a chance to watch a race on television or in person at the track. He thoroughly enjoys the sounds of the cars as they race by, and he never gets tired of seeing the power of such incredible man made machinery. His interest in automotive racing has led to a successful career as an auto parts distributor.