History and Halloween – William Gholson’s Paranormal Pastime

For those that know him, it is no secret that William T. Gholson is extremely passionate about a few specific things: his family, boating, racing, and Halloween. There is something about Halloween that gets him acting like a kid again. It isn’t just the costumes or the tricks and treats; it is the history.

San Antonio has a lot to offer for those with spooky tendencies come fall. There are haunted houses, festivals, themed family events at the botanical gardens and Sea World, shows, and mazes, but a lot of these can be found all over the country. The best area-specific activity is ghost tours.

Though it is a modern city in many ways, San Antonio has deep history – the Alamo is only one well-known part. Ghost tours, however, take you through cemeteries, hotels, hanging trees, and various other locations that have a dark and deadly history in one of the most haunted cities in the country. Some locations are the sites of legends, while others are steeped in historical fact…and uneasy spirits.

Feeling this unique connection to the history of his city, William Gholson got hooked on Halloween and ghost tours at a young age. He wanted to learn as much about his hometown as possible, and this was a visceral, chilling way to do so. Gholson actually met his wife on one of these tours (she was the guide), and they have raised their two daughters to have a curious appreciation for the past. Who says history can only be learned from books?

Source: http://visitsanantonio.com/english/Trip-Ideas/Halloween-Thrills-Chills