William Gholson – Romantic in San Antonio

William T. Gholson is a man’s man. He owns and works on his boat; he sells boating equipment; he loves NASCAR; his buddies can’t wait for their next fishing weekend. His hands are leathery and calloused, his skin beaten by the sun. But don’t be fooled – he is also very much his woman’s man.

Gholson met his wife of over 30 years on a ghost tour in San Antonio. They both have a deep love of history and their city, so what they consider a romantic night out might not be the same for everyone. They enjoy getting around to the historic missions (of course, the Alamo) even though they have seen them many times over the years. They also frequent the Steves Homestead and the Liberty Bar for historic locations to stay for the night or just a meal. This couple drinks in the rich history of San Antonio as others might the romantic scenes and dining along River Walk.

For those that are more into hiking than history, there are plenty of scenic areas to explore, getting closer to nature and one another. One popular place is the Lost Maples State Natural Area with thousands of acres of beauty to take in.

Of course there is a vast array of shopping, dining, and entertainment, a bit more of a city-centered evening and night life to fuel a romantic getaway. No matter what your tastes as a couple, take it from William Gholson that there is always a way for a little romance with the one you love, and it is important to take the time for it.

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William Gholson on Choosing the Right Tires

William Gholson is a huge car enthusiast who enjoys the process of fixing vehicles. Choosing the right tires for your car is often a very easy procedure. If you bought the car new, that is. In that case, buying the same type of tire it came with is a good enough solution, especially if you were satisfied with their look and general quality. It’s often different when you buy a used car. Those often have tires that are far from perfect, or even very battered, almost begging you to change them.

The Penny Method

To figure out if your tire even needs replacing, take a penny and shove it into different thread grooves across the tire. If the top of Lincoln’s head remains visible, your tires probably need to be replaced. If you only have one problematic tire, you can replace only that one of course, but this may result in the car’s weight not being distributed evenly among the tires.

Check the Car for More Information

If all four tires of your car need to be replaced and you are looking for guidance, check the manual of your vehicle, or the driver side door placard for more information. These will mention the proper tire size for the car.

Buying the Tire

When you arrive at a decision, visit a full-service tire dealer who carries your tire size. It also doesn’t hurt if they represent multiple brands. William Gholson often offers his guidance to his customers in car-related questions, including those that involve tires.

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Getting to “Yes” – A Salesman’s Guide

When you’re trying to sell items or services, it’s easy to fall into the “sales mode” trap. “Sales mode” implies that there is a different way of interacting with individuals when you’re trying to get them to buy something than when you’re interacting with them in a friendly, fun setting.

Speak to your customers as if they are your friends and family. Don’t try to use a different tone or a different set of vocabulary based on the fact that they’re in your store trying to buy something from you. Customers can smell a sales pitche and “sales mode” a mile away. They become resistant when they feel they are being sold to. Talk to them in a normal, appropriate manner so that they feel comfortable and understand that you are really trying to help them solve their problem, not sell them products to boost your numbers.

As in any normal interaction outside the shop, you want to pay attention to what the customer isn’t saying and how they’re speaking to you. Many sales people focus solely on their next line in their sales pitch that they forget there’s another person on the other side of the interaction.

William Gholson is an experienced salesman working for an auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked with many people who need help fixing or maintaining their cars. An experienced mechanic in his own right, Gholson has the knowledge to help people in his community find the right part for their needs.


How to Make the Sale – Sell With Questions

As a salesman, it’s your job to get your customers the products or services they need in the most convenient and quick manner possible. It’s not your job to convince them that they need your products or services. You may have the salesman skills to convince people to buy things from you or your store, but the vast majority of customers come to you in need of a specific item or items—at the very least, they have a problem they need you to solve for them.

The first step in making the sale is to listen. Obviously, you should introduce yourself and your company and explain the basics of what you can do for the customer, but you want to avoid going on a long pitch about all of your great products and services in the first minute of your sales interaction. Avoid reciting your sales pitch to your customer the moment they walk into the store. What could you possibly tell them that will solve their problems? You don’t even know what they are yet.

The next step is to sell with questions, not answers. Ask your customer plenty of questions so that you can understand what brought them into your store at this particular moment. Ask them questions with no ulterior motives or hidden agenda. Ask questions because you’re curious.

William Gholson has twenty years of experience working in sales. He works for an auto parts store in San Antonio, Texas, and works on his cars in his spare time.


Life of a Salesman – A Few Laws of Selling Things

Salesmen and women work in many different ways to sell their customers their products any way they can. There is a huge difference between getting people into your store and making the sale. From the time that customers contact you to when they pay you, as a salesman, you have to make the customer feel as comfortable as possible, so they trust you enough to buy your products. The name of the game is trust and comfort. Here are a few laws you have to employ to consistently sell products to customers:

  • Pretend you’re on a first date with you customer. Ask questions, get to know them, and present yourself as an all-around nice guy or gal. Find out what your customer is looking for. Ask them about their present situation, and see if you can suggest products that will help them solve their problems.
  • Speak to your customers as if they’re a friend or family member. There’s no such thing as “sales talk” anymore. Speak to your customers as if they are your friend so that they immediately get the impression that they can trust you. Using ham-handed persuasion clichés is outdated and insincere.

William Gholson is an auto parts salesman in San Antonio, Texas. He has worked at the same auto parts store for twenty years and loves fixing cars and boats. Gholson has long mastered the art of sales and hopes to continue his work long into the future. Gholson still lives in San Antonio with his wife and two children.